Week 3: Are You Focused?

By May 20, 2010March 30th, 2020SpeakerNotes
21 – Day Communication Challenge
Transform Your Approach . . . Achieve Results!

Week 3:  May 23 – 31
Transforming mindlessness into engagement!

This week’s focus is all about YOU!  The next time you step up to speak, how will you  transform from mindlessly reading a script or slides into being fully engaged with your presentation? After all … if you’re not engaged in your material, why should anyone else be?

As a presenter, how do you stay personally engaged when:

  • It’s the 1,000,000th time you’ve spoken on this topic?
  • You have been handed someone else’s presentation to deliver?
  • There is no prep time?
  • You are not invested in the topic or issue be presented?
  • Glassophobia (presentaton anxiety) takes over?
  • You are sleep deprived?

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