Top 5 Presentation Posts

By February 4, 2013March 30th, 2020SpeakerNotes

The views have been tallied, here are the heavy hitters! Over the past 13 months, we have published over 90 posts; the 5 most popular articles include a book review, commentary on a current event and advice on delivery skills.  Read them today and join the conversation to help ensure you are confident, heard and inspiring next time you step up to speak.

#5:  Do Better Listeners Make Better Speakers

The flip side to being a good speaker is being a good listener. Most speakers are understandably focused on how to deliver their best possible presentation. Therefore, most of my consulting work is to help presenters:

  • Be Confident. Believing in their message and their ability to connect with the audience.
  • Be Heard. Strengthening their credibility with a focused message that’s easily understood.
  • Be Inspiring. Delivering their message with an authenticity and a dynamic delivery that engages listeners and motivates action.  Continue reading here.

 #4:  Make an Impact: 5 Techniques to Ignite your Next Presentation

 “Should I be interactive in my presentation?

It’s a daunting question for some speakers, but in many cases the answer is, “Go for it!” Depending on your purpose, adding interactive elements can be a tremendous help in making your message stick.  Continue reading here.

#3:  The 1st Presidential Debate

Earlier this week, anticipating last nights’ first Presidential debate I asked . . . what will win over the American voter, substance, style or possibly both? 

And the answer is BOTH — at least for Romney.  Continue reading here.

#2:  Eye Contact:  10 Tips to Elevate the Effectiveness of Your Next Presentation

As a presenter, using your eyes to engage your audience is critical to creating a sense of confidence, establishing credibility, and building rapport.  So, what can you do to make your next presentation an eye-opening experience? Consider these 10 tips to elevate the effectiveness of your next presentation.

Before the meeting or event even begins, an initial greeting with direct eye contact helps build rapport, turning strangers into friends.  Continue reading here.

#1:  Speak Like Churchill; Stand Like Lincoln

It’s often said that you can’t judge a book by its cover. Well, it turns out you can’t always judge a book by its title, either.

At first, I dismissed James Humes’ Speak Like Churchill, Stand Like Lincoln, assuming it would be full of historical platitudes and anecdotal stories rather than actionable advice. Instead, I discovered a terrific reference tool for novice and seasoned presenters alike – Continue reading here.