US Soldier Rescued

By November 11, 2012March 30th, 2020SpeakerToolbox

A virtual coaching moment with Stephanie Scotti, Professionally Speaking

Veterans Day is a federal holiday dedicated to celebrating the service of all U.S. Military veterans.  On November 11, my thoughts and prayers will be with our soldiers around the world. I hope that yours will, too.

In honor of our soldiers, this month’s SpeakerToolbox features Brigadier General Steve Ritchie telling the amazing story of the rescue of downed pilot Roger Locher in Vietnam in 1972.  A compelling, true story as you watch this presentation consider:

  • What about his presence makes you want to watch and listen?
  • What do you notice about his eye contact?
  • How did he use his voice to convey the message?
  • Did the audio recording help or hinder his presentation?  Why?
  • How would you rate this presentation?

Please share your take-a-ways in the comment section!

Thank you to my friend and colleague W.E. Calligaro for sharing this recording with me.