TED Talk, A police chief who made a difference

By March 28, 2013March 30th, 2020SpeakerToolbox, TEDTalks

Inspiring Innovation Through Imagination has been the theme for the 2013 month-long celebration of National Women’s History month.

Inspiring. . .  innovation . . . imagination . . . these three words motivated me to find a female speaker – someone I didn’t know, had never heard speak and knew nothing about – to see if and how I could be moved by her presentation. I did! Please let me introduce you to Dr. Kiran Bedi, a woman who is truly an icon of heroism in her homeland of India.

Far from perfect, Bedi invites you into her story, as she describes how tiny steps are really quantum leaps that can change the world.

As you watch this presentation, consider:

  • How did she capture your attention?
  • What contributed to the power of her presentation?
  • How would you describe her delivery style?
  • How did she inspire you?

As always, please share your thoughts.