SpeakerQuestion: Ensuring the stickiness of presentation skills training

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How can I make sure our presentation skills training “sticks”?

The benefit of presentation skills training is that it gives everyone a common language and understanding of what it takes to deliver an engaging presentation.  However, talking about presentation skills (as described in the C.O.D.E.® process) is one thing; getting people to use them consistently and effectively is another.

The first step to ensuring the “stickiness” of your presentation skills training is for management to “up the ante” and no longer settle for the status quo.  Set new expectations for those all-important client meetings — especially when the stakes are high and results matter!

Just like any new skill, getting good takes practice.  To develop and enhance a team’s presentation skills, schedule rehearsals and have everyone practices out loud.  Make sure that people familiar as well as those not familiar with the content attend the rehearsals and provide candid feedback.  I find on average it takes at least 2 “public” rehearsals (i.e., with an audience) for the presentation to take shape.

What usually happens is that once presenters participate in these “public” rehearsals, they are more likely to take time out of their schedule to practice on their own, honing the message as well as their delivery.

In preparation for major events like an analyst meeting, industry events or any “main stage” engagement you may want to consider executive presentation coaching.  The one-on-one attention accelerates the learning process and is extremely effective for those all-important events. 

Thank you S.A. (Technology Company) Reston, VA for your question!

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