SpeakerQuestion: Calling an audible when your time is cut in half

By April 11, 2013March 30th, 2020SpeakerQuestions

How do you adjust your message when your time is cut short?

Don’t panic! This is when having a clear core message and 2-5 main points to guide your presentation really pays off!  With this level of clarity, when you learn you have 15 minutes to deliver what was to be a 30-minute presentation, simply ask yourself,

“What do they absolutely need to know?”

Adjust your content as needed.  You may find that you only need to cover 2 of those 5 main points. Or perhaps, you simply adjust the amount of time you spend discussing the specifics of each main point.

Thank you A. T. (investment and retirement consulting services) Warren, NJ for your question!

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