SpeakerQuestion: Presenting to an audience with mixed expectations

By September 23, 2014March 30th, 2020SpeakerQuestions

How do I present to an audience with varying expectations?

It takes work! Everyone in your audience needs to feel like you are talking directly to them and really “get” him or her. The key to creating that connection is to find the common ground between the different parties. At first glance, this may seem impossible, but I assure you there is always something they have in common. No matter how different people’s perspectives may appear, you can find points in common if you make the effort to look for them. Look at the issues from the perspectives of each group, and determine where there is an overlap.

Many times, your listeners won’t even realize that this overlap exists, and your presentation can result in an “oh wow” moment for the audience. Once you have gained the support of your audience you can move forward, exploring the issues or concerns that need to be addressed.

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