SpeakerEvent: QuickChek VP Draws a Crowd at SHRM Conference

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10459QuickChek Corporation knows a thing or two about hiring and creating a productive corporate culture. With over 140 retail stores in New Jersey and New York, the company adds 200-300 new positions each year. That’s why Bob Graczyk, QuickChek’s Vice President of HR, was asked to give a presentation on “Sustaining a High Performance Culture”, May 8 at the Long Island Chapter of the Society of Human Resource Managers’ 24th Annual Conference and Exhibitor’s Showcase.

Stephanie Scotti, Professionally Speaking, coached Bob in preparation for this important opportunity to speak to hundreds of human resources executives. Bob’s goal was to engage his audience with a clear message that attendees could recall and repeat.

Stephanie worked with Bob to create image-driven visuals rather than wordy slides to boost Bob’s level of engagement with his audience. The biggest “ah ha” for Bob was how effectively Professionally Speaking’s “Glance & Grab” strategy worked.

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How did it go? In a word: “Great!” Bob delivered two sessions of his presentation to standing-room-only audiences of 300+ attendees each. He shared memorable best practices for leadership development within the organization. Audience members described Bob’s performance as animated, engaging and informative.

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