3 Lessons for Podium Presenting

By February 20, 2014March 30th, 2020SpeakerEvents

Toy Fair® 2014 opened this past Sunday at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City.  There was a lot happening at the Toy Fair this year – educational seminars, demonstrations, networking opportunities and of course, special events – and my colleague and friend, Vicky Accardo of Beat the Clock Corporate Communications was one of the speakers. Her topic, How to Create Ads that Sell Your Toys!

You can see from these images, the staging limited her ability to move about the platform and in fact restricted her to standing behind a podium. But that didn’t stop Vicky from delivering an animated presentation that allowed her to connect with her audience.

Here are three good lessons we can learn from watching Vicky in action.

Vicky Accardo, Beat the Clock   Vicky Accardo, Beat the Clock   Vicky Accardo, Beat the Clock

Notice how straight she is standing? A strong, erect posture projects a confident and professional presence.

TIP:  The best posture to aim for is simply standing with your feet shoulder width apart, shoulder back and your arms relaxed at your sides (or better yet, bent at your waist, ready to gesture).

Another plus is her use of gestures; they are above her waist, below her shoulders – right where her audience can see them.

TIP:  Think of yourself as having a conversation with a friend and gesture naturally to help emphasize what you are saying.

The third image is during the Q&A.  While she has relaxed her posture, notice her eye contact. Clearly in her element, Vicky is speaking directly to the person who asked the question and appears to be sincerely interested in understanding and responding to his question or comment.

TIP:  Eye contact is all about inclusion, letting them know you see them and want to connect.

While I wish I had been there to hear her presentation, these pictures capture some strong lessons for speakers of varying levels of experience. Thank you, Vicky!