SpeakerTip #68: Be a Passionate Presenter & Inspire Your Audience

By February 12, 2015March 30th, 2020SpeakerTips

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Be a Passionate Presenter

Imagine a speaker rallying an entire audience, getting them on their feet and shouting,

“I’m mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore!”

Well it happened! A client delivering a main stage presentation at the annual NACS Show, the National Association for Convenience and Fuel Retailing, was so passionate in his plea that the 4,000+ members of the audience stood up in unison and did just that!

Inspiring an audience to take action requires speakers to share their passion, imparting a deep sense of urgency and instilling a vision for what needs to be accomplished.

Be a passionate presenter… your passion will drive results!

How will you communicate passion in your next presentation?