SpeakerTip #21: Dare to Be Different

By May 22, 2012July 27th, 2020SpeakerTips

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Do you skimp on your preparation because no one else is taking the time to prepare? Or do you use PowerPoint simply because everyone else does? Avoid the dreaded “default mode” of going along with the crowd. Focus on what you want to accomplish and the best strategies to get there.

Dare to be different! Break the mold and your audience will thank you. 

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  • Appreciate the kind words, thank you!

  • nrobins229 says:

    Great message in as few words as possible. I’m getting more into public speaking because of the niche my blog is in. I’ve seen all kinds of information about preparing PPT presentations. Much of it is fluff. But every now and then, I come across a site like yours like offers valuable insight. Not just boring instruction. I definitely try to differentiate everything about my business… including my slide presentations and other marketing communications. I’m hoping more people get the idea that originality sells almost as well as sex. Thanks for posting 🙂