Team Coaching

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

That means when you have a pitch team going after a big piece of new business, a panel speaking in a concurrent session at an industry event, or a team sharing a customer success story, EVERY member needs to be working at their peak. Professionally Speaking helps teams learn to play off each other’s strengths, coaching them to be better listeners AND presenters.

Professionally Speaking team coaching will help your team:
  • Craft a compelling message that is audience-centric
  • Project a self-confidence that strengthens credibility and connects with your audience
  • Present as a cohesive team that positions your company as a value-added partner
  • Manage a Q&A discussion as a group
  • Improve the public speaking techniques of each individual to elevate the success of the group as a whole

Professionally Speaking’s proven coaching services will get your next team presentation ready for prime time. We combine virtual and in-person coaching to best accommodate the schedules of all participants. Our on-site rehearsals address last-minute concerns and staging for a top-notch presentation that will “wow” your audience.

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