Presentation Skills Training

Do you have professionals transitioning into client-facing roles, senior principles on the fast track for partner, and employees poised for their next pivotal promotion?

Presentation Skills Training equips your top talent with the essential communication skills needed for their new role, ensuring they deliver greater returns on every speaking opportunity, every day. Choose either a WORKSHOP (live, stand-up training) or a WEBINAR (virtual training sessions) for Presentation Skills Training.


Guided by our proprietary C.O.D.E.™ process, our workshops equip your organization with a 4-step process for developing and delivering powerful presentations. Available in full-day, half-day, and multi-session formats, this dynamic learning experience combines discussion, demonstration, and practice. Sessions are structured so that participants spend 50% of each session actively practicing and receiving actionable feedback on their performance. The result is the ability to clearly and confidently express ideas and connect with an audience in new and unexpected ways. Participants also learn to provide constructive feedback to colleagues to continue the learning process long after the formal training has ended.

Professionally Speaking workshops are customized to meet the needs of your organization, reflecting your corporate culture, with emphasis on:
  • General business presentations
  • Strategic marketing and sales presentations
  • Technical and scientific presentations

Customized to your corporate culture, Professionally Speaking webinars are a dynamic combination of conversation, real-life examples and interactive activities, packed with tips and techniques you can use immediately to deliver a powerful presentation in a powerful way. We also provide a recorded copy of the webinar for on-demand viewing. Webinars can focus on a specific topic or be comprehensive and address various aspects of speech communication.

Webinar topics include (but are not limited to):
  • Cracking the C.O.D.E.™ to Presentation Greatness
  • Creating a Compelling Presence
  • Glance and Grab: Mastering Media Support
  • Preparation that Takes Your Presentation from Flat to Full Color
  • Q&A: Actively Engaging Your Audience
  • Tips to Become a Teleprompter Pro
  • Introducing a Speaker: What to Say and How to Say It

Professionally Speaking’s proven workshops and webinars will get your next presentation ready for prime time. To learn more about this service and the results you can expect, read this Professionally Speaking case study.

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