Meeting & Event Coaching

Professionally Speaking’s meeting & event coaching will leverage the performance of every speaker.

Effective and engaging presenters directly contribute to real and meaningful results by:

  • Communicating clear messages
  • Increasing engagement with the audience
  • Strengthening credibility of both the speaker and the organization
  • Inspiring audience members to take action after the presentation

Professionally Speaking has worked with Fortune 500 companies to produce high-stakes meetings and events for over 25 years. Whether you are speaking at an annual sales meeting, a product launch, or a large industry event, our meeting/event coaching provides a step-by-step process to increase the level of performance of every speaker, from keynote speakers to breakout session presenters. We also coach panel moderators to hone the skills necessary to take the lead and facilitate focused and engaging discussions. Both our Speaker Series and Moderator Series are customized to reflect your event.

Topics include:

Speaker Series

  • Your role as a conference speaker
  • Clarifying and organizing your message
  • Developing media to maximize your message
  • Expressing your best self
  • Preparation and rehearsal

Moderator Series

  • Your role as a moderator
  • Working with your team
  • Expressing your best self
  • Preparation and rehearsal

Each topic provides your team with proven tips, techniques, and strategies tailored to your event. Combining these training sessions with one-on-one coaching guarantees you are better prepared and more confident, contributing to the success of the event.

Professionally Speaking meeting/event coaching will help your speakers:
  • Discover how the roles of speaker and moderator contribute to the overall success of the event.
  • Engage in a consistent creative process to improve all speeches, breakout presentations, and panel discussions.
  • Develop content and improve delivery through workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions.
  • Become well-prepared presenters who express themselves with confidence, credibility, and conviction.
  • Add value to the meeting and be recognized for their superior performance.
  • Improve event KPIs and audience survey results as well as add a “positive buzz” to the event.

Professionally Speaking’s meeting and event coaching will elevate the impact of each presenter at your next event. To learn more about this service and the results you can expect, read this Professionally Speaking case study.

To learn more about how we will work with you to ensure your investment produces real and meaningful results, download our step-by-step schedule.

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