Executive Speaker Coaching

This one-on-one coaching experience is for C-suite, senior and rising executives as well as any business leader whose communication is crucial to the health of their business.

Pivotal presentations include Board of Director’s meetings, investor and analyst summits, product launches, or keynote addresses at industry events.

Our personalized approach leverages your strengths, boosts your confidence, and ensures you deliver a high-impact presentation that delivers desired results.

Video web coaching, SpeakerNotes™, and other exclusive tools and techniques accommodate the busy executive’s schedule.

Professionally Speaking executive speaker coaching will help you:
  • Clarify and organize your message
  • Craft a working script and scaffold appropriate speaking notes
  • Develop visuals that vividly support your story and delivery style
  • Practice staging and movement to maintain visual engagement with the audience
  • Improve your teleprompter skills
  • Facilitate an effective Q&A discussion
  • Project a confident and engaging presence

Professionally Speaking’s unparalleled mentorship will guide you to unprecedented success during your next prime-time presentation. To learn more about this service and the results you can expect, read this Professionally Speaking case study.

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