Leadership Communications Coaching

Leadership development is a key concern in thriving organizations.

Increasing globalization and business complexities place a high premium on clear, direct, and engaging communications. Top performing companies recognize that the ability to deliver effective communications can significantly impact the company’s financial growth and expansion of the business.

Communications coaching is for emerging leaders through senior level business leaders who have frequent opportunities to present at company-wide meetings, to executive panels, as well as to outside organizations. These high stakes opportunities require managers to be at their very best, leveraging their communication style and executive presence to instill confidence and inspire action.

Professionally Speaking’s communications coaching will help you:
  • Improve your day-to-day business communications
  • Leverage your individual communication style
  • Project an executive presence that instills confidence and credibility throughout the organization
  • Develop public speaking skills that engage an audience and leave a lasting, positive impression
  • Use active listening skills to gain collaboration and alignment, assuring others they are heard and understood
  • Increase collaboration among colleagues, giving and receiving specific and actionable feedback for continuous improvement in presentation/communication skills
What you can expect:

Get Acquainted
A telephone interview allows us to grasp exactly what you want to achieve, your preferences for how we work together, and how we can tailor our services to benefit you.

You are invited to complete a Coaching Profile self-assessment to clarify your objectives, identify challenges and determine milestones and goals. In addition to your self-assessment, key influencers are interviewed to gain a 360˚ understanding of your communication style.

Action Plan
The findings from both assessments are used to develop a coaching plan tailored to your professional development.

Communication Coaching
You can look forward to eight 50-minute virtual sessions over a 6-month period, with homework and email accountability between sessions.

Strategic Monitoring
SpeakerNotesTM are provided following each session, summarizing our conversation and providing practical suggestions and tangible tools that you can use to improve every interaction, every day.

Professionally Speaking’s unparalleled mentorship will leverage your strengths and develop the presentation skills you need to deliver greater returns on every speaking opportunity, every day.
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