Ready…Set…Huh? Are You Really Prepared For Your Next Presentation?

By November 5, 2013March 30th, 2020SpeakerNotes

At the Starting blocks“Augh!  I don’t know where to begin!”

Sound familiar? For some, the thought of an upcoming presentation causes their brain to short-circuit and override common sense.  As tempting as it may be to start banging away at your keyboard, or worse yet, dive into building a PowerPoint deck – DON’T. Chances are it will not be a good use of your time or energy.

Rather than getting all tied up in your shorts, this is the time to step back, breathe and go back to the basics. Whether you are a 1st time speaker, experienced presenter or a seasoned executive, understanding exactly what you’ve been asked to do is the first step towards being a confident and engaging speaker. Even when giving the presentation is your idea, going back to the basics will keep you focused and help ensure successful communications.

What does speech preparation entail?

Getting answers to the kinds of issues listed below will help clarify expectations and identify needed resources:

  • Logistics — confirming the particulars including the who, what, when and where
  • Purpose — clarifying the topic and desired outcome
  • Audience — understanding the and audience needs and expectations
  • Presentation Considerations — including available AV support, room set-up, virtual participation, etc.

Proper planning influences both the content and delivery of your message . . . . allowing you to be confident, be heard, be inspiring!