QuickChek University Boosts Presentation Confidence

By April 21, 2015March 30th, 2020C.O.D.E.®, SpeakerEvents

QuickChek, a New Jersey based chain of convenience stores with 139 stores in New Jersey and New York, is dedicated to the personal and professional development of their employees. Their in-house leadership development program – QuickChek University is proof of that commitment.

Professionally Speaking is proud to offer this presentation skills training as a strategic component of QuickChek’s leadership development curriculum.

???????????????????????????????Conducted over two-days, the program challenges participants to step out of their comfort zone to Crack the C.O.D.E® to delivering high impact presentations. Dave Bussiere, Leader of Selection & Development, says: “Every participant is enthusiastic about what they learn. More importantly, their increase in confidence is immediately noticeable.”

QuickChek Leaders are expected to be engaging speakers both internally and to the community, that explains the waiting list for this class! Here are some action shots from the recent training.