Presidential ScoreCard for the Town Hall Meeting

By October 15, 2012March 30th, 2020SpeakerNotes

While the score following the first Presidential debate was Romney 1 – Obama 0,  I suspect we will see a different Obama in Round 2.  With the recent reports about the growth in job market and assuming Obama resurrects his charismatic presentation skills, Romney better be prepared for Olympic-level competition.

The question I am pondering is, will the candidates focus on their audience, making the average voter the centerpiece of this “public conversation” OR turn it into kamikaze attack, never addressing the issues and concerns.

This event challenges us once again to be attentive to both what is said and how it is expressed. Below are elements to watch for and assess during this next “debate”.  What type of a score will you give to each candidate and why? As you watch consider. . .

  • Body Language
    • Does the candidate appear sharp, refreshed in the environment?
    • Does the candidate look straight-on, with his shoulders squared to the audience?
    • Does the candidate maintain a tall and erect posture, projecting a commanding presence?
    • Does the candidate look comfortable or stiff?
  • Eye Contact
    • Does the candidate maintain at least 90% direct, roving, continuous eye contact?
    • Does the candidate look directly at people when listening to a question?
    • Does the candidate look around the room, sharing his remarks with the entire audience?
  • Gestures
    • Does the candidate use animated gestures to reinforce what he is saying?
    • Does the candidate use a variety of gestures or were they repetitive?
    • Where the gestures large enough to be visible to the audience?
  • Movement
    • Does the candidate walk around, getting physically close to the people asking questions?
    • If so, does he appear comfortable?
    • How does the audience respond as he approaches?
  • Vocal Delivery
    • Does the candidate have a conversational tone and fluidity to his presentation?
    • Does the candidate use fillers (ah, um)?
    • Does the candidate speak at a pace to aid listener comprehension?
    • Does the candidate pause for emphasis, to aid understanding?
  • Messaging
    • Was the candidate’s message, clear, consistent and memorable?  If asked, could you repeat it?
    • Was the candidate thinking about what he is saying, or just spouting out words?
  • Overall
    • Who do you believe?
    • Who do you trust?
    • Who won?

Return “the morning after” and share  your thoughts about who won and why.  I’ll have my score posted for your comment as well and will look forward to hearing from you!