2014 People’s Choice: Top Notch Blog Posts

By December 9, 2014March 30th, 2020SpeakerNotes
Boost your presentation prowess by reading the 3 most popular blog posts of 2014!

Thank you3 Reasons To Nix Saying Thank You
CAUTION:  Saying “thank you” can become another “filler”, something a presenter says as a default when they don’t know what else to say in that moment. Consider alternatives and make a more powerful impact with your presentation.


Sheldon's_speechWhat Not To Do: Lessons Learned From Big Bang Theory
Knowing what NOT to do when giving a speech is equally important to developing good presentation skills. Dr. Sheldon Cooper provides some entertaining examples of what doesn’t work.


PPTPresentation Resources: Prezi vs. PowerPoint
The hits on this post alone speaks volumes about speakers’ desire to understand the pros and cons of these two presentation platforms. After all, the way you present your presentation is as important as the actual content!


What were your favorite posts and why?