Eavesdropping on the “P” Word

By April 30, 2013March 30th, 2020SpeakerNotes

ListeningFrom Hunting Beach, California to Evanston, Illinois. . . Parsippany, New Jersey to Greenville, South Carolina. . . back to Evanston then New Jersey and finally San Antonio, Texas.

Over the past 6 weeks I have been crisscrossing the country working with clients as they prepare for product launches, regulatory meetings, plenary sessions, and trade shows / conferences.

While there was nothing unusual about the travel, what was unusual was what I overheard people talking about while traveling. Eating lunch at a restaurants, grabbing coffee at Starbucks, changing terminals via airport trams, even the lady’s room (!) . . . . everywhere I went, people were talking about their “presentation” — it may have been something they were preparing for or a discussion on a presentation that they just gave … but the “P” word was quite the buzz!

It made me stop and wonder. . . is this a sign of  an upturn in the economy?  Are businesses starting to reinvest in face-to-face communications?  What are presenters struggling with and how are they engaging their listeners?  So many questions . . . but since I was eavesdropping I couldn’t just join in the conversation.

Tell me, what are you hearing?