New Jersey Sharing Network Success Story

Honed presentation skills provide positive results in campaign for organ transplant donors


Nationwide, 18 people die each day waiting for an organ transplant — and the gap between donors and those on the waiting list continues to widen. Since 1987, NJ Sharing Network has served as one of two state-approved organ procurement organizations for the 5,000 New Jersey residents currently awaiting transplantation, and over 115,000 patients nationwide.

As part of their outreach efforts, NJ Sharing Network is charged with the responsibility of engaging, inspiring, and motivating people to get involved as volunteers and donors.

Elisse Glennon, Executive Director of the NJ Sharing Network Foundation, stated,

“These presenters are educating the general public as well as medical professionals; they must be knowledgeable, impactful and authentic as well as sensitive to audience members’ personal experiences.”

Elisse engaged Stephanie Scotti of Professionally Speaking to deliver two half-day workshops for NJ Sharing Network Team. Stephanie provided strategies for the attendees to boost their confidence, be more inspiring, strengthen their message, and help diffuse potentially confrontational situations.

Whitney Downer, NJ Sharing Network’s Education and Partnerships Coordinator, affirmed,

“After Stephanie’s workshop, I knew our presentation could be better, but I didn’t know how drastically it was going to change — and how much stronger it would get as a result. Before, audience members never really had the chance to engage with and process the information. Now, they truly understand the significance of the donor shortage.”

Jackie Lue Raia, Manager, Foundation Development, insists,

“The impact was immediate and remarkable. We’re presenting the same information, but in a way that’s much more inspiring. Our audience is hearing our message and participating in a conversation rather than being passive listeners; they want to help.”

Implementing one of Stephanie’s other suggestions, the NJ Sharing Network Team began an on-the-spot registration process that resulted in a good number of students signing up for the registry.

Elisse, an experienced presenter, has also seen positive results. She explains,

“I remembered Stephanie’s comment that slides should only be used to enhance what you’re saying, so I decided to skip them at a recent board meeting. What a difference! I was able to maintain eye contact because the board members were looking at me instead of at my slides. I actually received an ovation at the end.”

Reflecting on the overall experience Whitney comments,

“Working with Professionally Speaking has definitely changed our presentation style.”

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