Infosys Success Story

Main Stage presentation skills enhance a global company’s image at high-stakes events


As a global leader in strategic business consulting and technology solutions, Infosys participates in many influential and highly visible industry events, where a single presentation can significantly impact the company’s image. Often speaking in front of thousands of attendees at these important events — and a potential audience of millions more online — the company’s top executives are under pressure to deliver a message that is clear, compelling, and on target with the audience’s needs.


When Infosys invested in having its new CEO and several other speakers appear at Oracle OpenWorld 2011 — one of the industry’s highest profile events — Paul Gottsegen, Chief Marketing Officer, hired Stephanie Scotti of Professionally Speaking to work with the executive team to prepare for the big event. According to Paul, it was a wise decision:

“Stephanie proved to be a great fit with our multinational executives and was remarkably flexible in working with our geographically dispersed team. Although our executives have varying levels of experience, capabilities, and comfort in main stage speaking, she helped them all develop their skills so that they could present dynamically and smoothly before a large audience.”

Impressed with Stephanie’s commitment to their success, Paul and his marketing team have continued to use her support for Oracle OpenWorld and other high-stake events, such as the SAPPHIRE NOW Conference and the annual Infosys Global Analyst Summit. Paul said:

“Since Infosys won the ‘Best Vendor Keynote’ award at Oracle OpenWorld 2011 thanks to Stephanie’s help, our executive team has asked for her to be involved whenever we have an important event.”

Stephanie has now worked with more than 30 Infosys executives, as well as many of its clients, with consistently great results. Maureen McCann, Associate Vice President of Americas Marketing, said:

“Stephanie is so focused and knowledgeable, she gets quickly aligned with the requirements and expectations of any event — helping our speakers become more confident, poised, and prepared, so they can deliver a clear, focused message that engages the specific audience.”

As part of the A-to-Z support that Stephanie provides, she has also worked with Infosys executives to shape the story they tell and refine their presentations. According to Praveen Kaushik, a principal in Human Capital Management (HCM), who spoke at SAPPHIRE NOW and got great feedback from clients and on Twitter:

“By working with me to identify the key takeaways, Stephanie helped me structure my slide presentation and make sure that I could convey my message in the allotted timeframe. Best of all, I was able to use her recommendations and still keep a speaking style that was comfortable for me.”

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