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Hello Marketing Says Goodbye to Boring “Data Dump” Presentations


Lauren Canning, Founder and CEO of Hello Marketing, an inbound marketing agency, takes a holistic
approach to marketing. No, there’s nothing woo-woo here. Lauren’s philosophy is quite practical: if you want your marketing to be optimally effective, your marketing team needs to be plugged into the whole sales process—from bringing in leads to closing sales to turning customers into raving fans.

Of course, a lot goes on behind the scenes to achieve this high level of connectedness. The Hello Marketing approach starts with a deep research and immersion phase where they learn as much as they can about their client and their client’s buyers. As you might imagine, all of this research results in a giant dataset.


While all that data clearly helps the Hello Marketing team deliver results, what is less clear is how to present the data to the client in a way that is neither overwhelming nor confusing.

“Listening to her team prepare to present their findings to one big client,” Lauren says,
“I was bored to tears and thought if I’m bored, there’s no way the client won’t be.”

That’s when she knew she needed to call Stephanie Scotti of Professionally Speaking.

Stephanie came in and got immediately to work. She put her head together with Lauren and her lead content strategist, Renee, to figure out how to present their findings in a way that would engage and excite the client about their findings and resulting Hello Marketing plan. And, Lauren adds, “Stephanie is persistent.” She continued to “prod me, asking questions and making observations throughout the entire process. There was no way I could procrastinate with Stephanie holding me accountable and moving the project forward.”

Through their work, Lauren could see there was a story in the numbers and was no longer bored to tears listening to her own team. She explains,

“What’s amazing about working with Stephanie boils down to two things: she’s intuitive and she listens. Given her years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies, she has a knack for knowing what holds the attention of clients in different industries. Plus, her gift for listening and putting your thoughts back to you is nothing short of magical.”

The big test would come when the Hello Marketing team presented the story to the client. Would the
stakeholders sitting in that meeting be engaged? Even excited? Or would their eyes glaze over and fail to
see anything beyond a giant, obnoxious data dump?


Spoiler alert: The presentation went even better than Lauren could have anticipated. Before Lauren and her team could even get the whole story out, the group of 7 stakeholders all jumped in… “They kept exclaiming, ‘OMG, yes!’ Adding their own experiences to the story we were telling,” says Lauren

Not only was the presentation spot-on thanks to Professionally Speaking’s expert consultation, but the client’s team was so engaged and energized by the findings that they continued to give positive feedback even weeks later saying, “we’re just so happy with what you’ve done, so happy with what you’ve uncovered for us.” Sounds like a win!

Working with Professionally Speaking has undoubtedly changed the way the Hello Marketing Agency presents research findings and resulting marketing plans to their clients, but beyond that, getting laser-focused on what’s valuable to the client from day one makes the entire research and immersion phase more efficient and fun.

“This is one of the hidden benefits to working with a phenomenal presentation coach, like Stephanie: formulating the story gets easier as you streamline your research. And what business couldn’t benefit from increased efficiency?”

With Professionally Speaking’s counsel, the Hello Marketing team continues to impress clients with stories supported by the numbers and presented with confidence. They now stand even more firmly by their tagline: “Say goodbye to random acts of marketing. Say hello to leads.”

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