Disney Film Producer Success Story

A Polished Message Helps Disney Film Producer Deliver Impact at an Industry Event


Even experienced speakers can benefit from a fresh perspective when faced with an unfamiliar opportunity.

When Troy Buder, executive producer of the Disney film “The Queen of Katwe,” was asked to deliver a closing keynote to 350 marketing leaders at their industry event, the AMA Leadership Summit, he realized he was a bit outside his comfort zone.

The topic for the presentation was developing paths to success, a subject he was highly qualified to address. “I’ve climbed 3 mountains in my life to get to success,” said Troy. “The first was sports as a professional hockey player. The second was business as founder of an investment firm. And the third was the entertainment industry as producer and champion of a story that I was passionate about.”

Troy knew his subject and had plenty of experience giving motivational business talks in the field of finance. “Storytelling comes pretty easily to me, but there were high expectations and the frameworks I used for business presentations were inappropriate for this topic and this audience.” For Troy, this was a pivotal opportunity to make a personal impact on the audience and even begin a transformational process in their lives.


Troy’s goal was to deliver a moving, impactful presentation to the AMA leaders, as well as to cultivate future speaking engagements where he could continue to spread his message. His challenge was how to most effectively structure his presentation and hone his content to make it memorable. He had a lot of material, but needed to connect the dots to help listeners relate.

Troy engaged Stephanie Scotti of Professionally Speaking to help him prepare for the high-stakes opportunity. “I was looking for someone who could move quickly, think quickly and help me quickly, and Stephanie is all of that,” said Troy.

With Stephanie’s guidance, Troy was able to eliminate material that didn’t contribute to the message, add points where needed, and realign his content for maximum impact.

“Stephanie is very compassionate and patient, yet unwavering in her recommendations. Initially I may have resisted making some changes, but her quiet confidence and persuasive style helped me realized it made so much sense.”


“Troy was charged with the most important speech of the weekend–closing the conference of chapter leaders and inspiring them to take what they had learned back home and put it into action,” said Evan Carroll, who also presented at the AMA event. “Troy fulfilled this charge with expertise and eloquence. His provocative story embodied his core message to ‘get up, dress up, and show up,’ and that’s exactly what the audience needed to hear. As a professional speaker myself, I observed as Troy connected with the audience, delivered his message and, more importantly, inspired the audience. At the end of the speech, I had no hesitation to join the audience’s standing ovation for Troy.”

Attendees’ tweets following the event (“amazing” …”Pure inspiration and insight”) not only expressed the audience’s engagement, but also proved how well the message was received. Many shared Troy’s central theme of “Get up. Dress up. Show up.”

Troy had a line of people waiting to speak with him following the presentation, and booked 3 future presentations as a result

“The outcome of my AMA keynote was very much enhanced by my work with Stephanie and putting together the most effective message,” said Troy. “I was impressed with her as a person and a coach, and am very grateful for the wisdom she shared with me.”

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