Presenter Profiling®

The key to a successful presentation is to understand what role you are being asked to play as a speaker. Read on to learn more and take the Presenter Profiling® Quiz to discover your role!

There are three types of speaker roles — the Expert, the Interpreter, and the Catalyst. Each serves a different purpose, and each adds a unique value to the chain of information shared with an audience. Which speaker role do you need to occupy to be successful for your next presentation?


Makes information accessible,
their purpose is to inform

  • Communicates facts effectively
  • Demonstrates expertise on a topic
  • Speaks with confidence and projects executive presence


Translates information,
their purpose is to influence

  • Makes information meaningful
  • Calls for specific action
  • Connects with the audience by speaking with them, not at them


Accelerates change,
their purpose is to inspire

  • Disrupts the status quo with a vision of what could be
  • Inspires people to see possibilities, creates “aha” moments for the audience
  • Speaks with conviction

Understanding what role you are being asked to play will boost your confidence and make it easier to craft an effective and engaging presentation, but sometimes your role may seem like a muddled combination of all 3 types of speakers. How can you clearly determine your role? Simply answer these 6 questions to find out!

Expert? Interpreter? Catalyst?
Which role should you play to your next presentation?

Take this quiz and find out!