Abraham Lincoln’s Thanksgiving Proclamation

By November 20, 2012March 30th, 2020SpeakerNotes

Thanksgiving became a national holiday in  the fall of 1863, when President Abraham Lincoln, one of the great orators of all times,  issued a proclamation declaring that the last Thursday in November would be a day our nation would give thanks.

One hundred forty-two years later, Americans around the world,  continue to gather and celebrate the abundance we enjoy and the freedoms our country offers to all.

I invite you to listen to this 3 minute oral interpretation of Lincoln’s proclamation  — a speech that unified a nation in the depth of the civil war.

My sincere wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving and a spirited Holiday Season!


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  • Claudette L says:

    Love it! So appropriate at this time after the devestation of Hurricane Sandy and the release of the movie, Lincoln. Much to be grateful for. cl