A TEDTalk On Paper Towels: What Presentation Profile™ Does Joe Use?

By September 15, 2015March 30th, 2020SpeakerNotes, TEDTalks

In this fun and enlightening TED Talk, Joe Smith challenges his listeners to eliminate the wasteful use of paper towels.

Presentation ProfileTM: Expert, Interpreter or Catalyst?

As you watch, can you determine which approach Smith uses? Need a hint? Click here before watching for a synopsis of the three approaches to presenting.

What presentation style did Joe Smith use?


You are correct! Why?

Joe is on a mission, to reduce the use of paper towels! And he wants us to join his cause. He takes a stand, positions it so it is meaningful to his listeners and then shows us how easy it is to do what he is asking!

Will you ever dry your hands the same way again? I won't!


Sorry, try again!

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